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Beara Peninsula

In the early centuries, Conn Céad Cathach fought a battle against Owen Mór, King of Ireland at Cloch Barraige. Owen was badly injured. Those of his followers who survived took him to Inis Greaghraighe (now known as Bere Island) as a safe place for him to recover. There, the fairy Eadaoin took him to her […]

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A Visit to Ireland, 1518

„The country of Ireland, otherwise known as Hibernia, is a country across from Cornwall, about 40 leagues from there, and only an arm of the sea stretches between them. My Lord the Archduke arrived at a port of this country called Kinsale; and I having come to this place, made the acquaintance of an honest […]

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Tiny sheep, Nire Valley, County Waterford

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Remodelled landscape

Wien, Palmenhaus 2014

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Mizen Head

Mizen Head (Carn Uí Néid), County Cork, is one of the extreme southwestern points of the island of Ireland.  

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„Jedes Jahr im späten September“, schreibt Greg Dening, kann ich, wenn ich Glück habe, von meinem Schreibtisch aus über die Wipfel der Eukalyptusbäume hinweg auf das Meer und die felsige Küstenlinie blicken, und ich sehe wie dort in  einer langen schwarzen Prozession für mehrere Stunden Vögel vorbeifliegen, die sich südwärts ihren Weg um Landzungen herum […]

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