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King Books, Detroit

„Wo Bücher modern daß wir glauben / Wie alte Mumien schlummern sie“ (Charles Baudelaire: „Das Skelett bei der Arbeit“, übersetzt v. Walter Benjamin, IV, 1, 39)

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Bookshop portrait, Cork

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    • “Thomas Browne was born in London on the 19th of October 1605, the son of a silk merchant. Little is known of his childhood, and the accounts of his life following completion of his master’s degree at Oxford tell us scarcely anything about the nature of his later medical studies.” ... “Thomas Browne, so Batty Shaw wrote in an article he sent me which he had just published in the Journal of Medical Biography, died in 1682 on his seventy-seventh birthday and was buried in the parish church of St Peter Mancroft in Norwich.” #sirthomasbrowne #wgsebald #TheReadingsofSaturn #norwichstreets #TRoS