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A Visit to Ireland, 1518

„The country of Ireland, otherwise known as Hibernia, is a country across from Cornwall, about 40 leagues from there, and only an arm of the sea stretches between them. My Lord the Archduke arrived at a port of this country called Kinsale; and I having come to this place, made the acquaintance of an honest […]

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One Way Street. Fragments for Walter Benjamin (John Hughes)

John Hughes‘ Benjamin-Doku One Way Street (1992) ist ganz klar sehenswert, und wer ihn noch nicht kennt, kann das jetzt online nachholen. Der australische Regisseur hat namhafte Benjamin-Forscher wie Susan Buck-Morss, Michael Jennings und Gary Smith interviewt, daneben Künstler wie den Architekten des Benjamin-Memorials, Danny Karavan. Außerdem gibt es einige Orte zu sehen, wie Port […]

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Architektur der Moderne

Wieviel hat Masato Takasakas Kunstwerk auf dem Cover mit Benjamin zu tun? Es heißt: I like my old stuff better than your new stuff. Ein Titel, mit dem viele Benjaminianer ihren Schutzheiligen verteidigen könnten. Es sieht auch etwas nach Architektur aus. Außerdem ist es mal gut, bei einem Benjamin-Band nicht schon wieder eine Variation der […]

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    • “Thomas Browne was born in London on the 19th of October 1605, the son of a silk merchant. Little is known of his childhood, and the accounts of his life following completion of his master’s degree at Oxford tell us scarcely anything about the nature of his later medical studies.” ... “Thomas Browne, so Batty Shaw wrote in an article he sent me which he had just published in the Journal of Medical Biography, died in 1682 on his seventy-seventh birthday and was buried in the parish church of St Peter Mancroft in Norwich.” #sirthomasbrowne #wgsebald #TheReadingsofSaturn #norwichstreets #TRoS