Mit Walter Benjamin

Unter dem Namen „Benbald“ habe ich das eine oder andere Jahr an diesem Buch über W.G. Sebald und Walter Benjamin geschrieben. Es geht um Melancholie, Geschichte und die Kunst des Erzählens. Das Buch ist beim Universitätsverlag Winter in Heidelberg erschienen. Die Collage auf dem Titel stammt vom Leipziger Maler Tino Geiss. Weitere Informationen hier.

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Beara Peninsula


Approaching Dursey


Beara Peninsula 2015-647

In the early centuries, Conn Céad Cathach fought a battle against Owen Mór, King of Ireland at Cloch Barraige. Owen was badly injured. Those of his followers who survived took him to Inis Greaghraighe (now known as Bere Island) as a safe place for him to recover. There, the fairy Eadaoin took him to her grianán where she nursed him back to full health. Nowadays, this place is known as Greenane. Owen and his followers then sailed southwards until they reached Spain. There he met and married Beara, daughter of the King of Castille.

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Downtown Corner

Downtown corner

Maysville, KY

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Masonic Temple

Masonic temple

Masonic Temple of Maysville, KY.

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#windsorpark #lodgeviews

Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Park, 2015.

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A Visit to Ireland, 1518

Nire Valley

„The country of Ireland, otherwise known as Hibernia, is a country across from Cornwall, about 40 leagues from there, and only an arm of the sea stretches between them. My Lord the Archduke arrived at a port of this country called Kinsale; and I having come to this place, made the acquaintance of an honest old man, a native of there, because he spoke good French. I had several conversations with him, because the country was known in writings for various and strange things. For when I came to ask him about the nature of that country, this man told me it was a good fertile country, with good land and bad people in it. In this country were good towns, beautiful rivers and beautiful lakes and good springs, and good land to work, good meadows and beautiful forests. And no venomous beasts could survive there for more than twenty-four hours and to see proof of this he told me that if I should carry with me some wood, stones or earth from this country everywhere I went, I would be protected against all venomous beasts.“

Laurent Vital: Archduke Ferdinand’s visit to Kinsale in Ireland, an extract from Le Premier Voyage de Charles-Quint en Espagne, de 1517 à 1518

Image: Knockmealdown Mountains, photo: Nikolai Jan

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